PVC Coated GI Binding Wire

    Benefits of using PVC Coated GI Binding Wire

  • Used by Private and Government Projects Authorized by CIDCO, MMRDA, BMC, MUMBAI METRO, N.H.A.I., B.H.E.L., DEFENSE, RAILWAYS, GOA SMART CITY AND MORE
  • Used In Construction of Residential & Commercial Buildings, Bridges, Flyovers, Skywalks, Metro, Roads, Highways, Sewage & Water Treatment Plants, Dams, Tunnels, Civil Construction, Oil & Gas Pipe Line, Refineries, Nuclear, Petrochemicals & Fertilizer Plants etc.
  • Specially made for Binding on TMT Bars from 10.M.M. to 32.M.M.
  • Inner Core Consist of Galvanized Wire & Outer Core Consist of Tough & Durable PVC.
  • Same Cost as Regular Galvanized Binding Wire.
  • Higher Strength and Tensile as Compared to M.S. or G.I. Wire.
  • Provides Excellent Grip to Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coated Green Bars.
  • No Wastage During Binding on TMT Bars.
  • 100% Water Proof, Acid, Salt, Chemical, Rust and Corrosion Free.
  • Give your Projects More Strong & Solid Construction.
  • Life Long Guarantee, Eco Friendly, Engineers Choice.
  • Our Product Conforms to IS Standard.
  • Eco friendly Made From 100 % Recycled Pvc.
  • Easy Available in Local Market.