PVC Coated U- Bolt / Clamp

    Benefits of using PVC Coated U- Bolt / Clamp

  • PVC Coated U-Bolts are used to secure conduit or cables in corrosive environments.
  • PVC Coated U-bolt is very versatile and can be used in many industries including but not limited to pipelines, refineries, chemical plants, offshore platform, rigs, paper mills, and in marine applications.
  • The Use of PVC Coated U-Bolts can reduce the possibility of crevice corrosion or water formation under the pipe therefore giving the secure feeling that your piping is protected. Rust and Corrossion Proof, A Must Use product for Plumbing Contractors.

PVC Coated L-Hook/J-Hook

    Benefits of using PVC Coated L-Hook/J-Hook

  • PVC coated beam clamps are used to securely support conduit runs by attaching them to beams, angles, trusses and other structural members.
  • Rust and Corrossion Proof. Lasts much longer than regular L Hooks and J Hooks.
  • A must-use product for Roofing Companies. Used Widely to Make Sheds, in Factories, Chemical Plants, Coal mines, Oil Refineries.

  • Technical Details

  • Inner Coating : Galvanized Mild Steel
  • Outer Coating : Virgin Low Density PVC
  • Coating Thickness : 0.1 - 0.2 mm approx
  • Color Available : Blue , White and Black
  • Sustainable Temperature : 250 degrees.
  • Rust and Corrossion Proof , Scratch Resistant
  • Longer life than regular U Bolts / L Hooks and J Hooks